Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Vs Science - The Experiment

Hey guys and gals. I'm just recommending an album that i've been listening to ever since it was released.
The album I am referring to is The Experiment by my favourite band Art vs Science.
Ever since I got the chance to see them live I have been a huge fan. They're music is very original and none of the songs on the album feel the same to each other. Most of the songs on the album are upbeat and quite fast but there is a mix of fast and slow on the album.

Heres the album on iTunes:
And here is the bands youtube page:


  1. Nice man, wish these guys would tour near me so i could see them live

  2. They're touring Australia in July so i hope i'll be able to go and see them there =D

  3. Like the album art :I followed! sweet sweet music